“Air Mail” is the Genesis of my Envelope Series which is still ongoing…


“Air Mail” The “Bozzetto” Silvina Spravkin, (1980) Clay.

This is the first piece that I made of what became an ongoing Series of Envelopes. My envelopes are inspired by a synthesis of emotional states. Thus they are symbolic in their content and meaning. I was always struck by the impact that the envelope, in itself, has; the contents to me become abstracted over time.  That’s why the stamp plays an important role in the whole – the front and the back have the same magical intensity. The photo above is of the “Bozzetto” – the clay model, which is now in the collection of the Museo dei Bozzetti, in Pietrasanta.


“Air Mail” Front, Silvina Spravkin, (1980) Statuary marble, and Venetian Mosaic.


“Air Mail” Back, Silvina Spravkin, (1980) Statuary marble, and Venetian Mosaic.


Silvina Spravkin, is an Argentinian sculptor who makes her art in mosaic, marble and other medias in Pietrasanta, Italy.