Silvina Spravkin | Monumento a Astor Piazzolla, Posa della Prima Pietra Lucca


It was a Celebration day in Porta San Pietro in Lucca for the unveiling of the foundation stone for a monument to Astor Piazzolla. The ceremony was a lively event: officials from local municipalities were joined by Argentinian representatives – it is a story of emigration and music, a journey from Europe to the Americas. And the evening ended with a Milonga, a concert of music by Piazzolla and traditional Tango dances.

Photos by Maria Gamundi.



Monumento a Astor Piazzolla
Posa della Prima Pietra
Da Lucca – Garfagnana all’Argentina
Storia di emigrazione e musica
Porta San Pietro



Silvina Spravkin, is an Argentinian sculptor who makes her art in mosaic, marble and other medias in Pietrasanta, Italy.

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