“100% Made in Italy” is an ironic comment, in statuary marble, on craftsmanship in the global economy


“100% Made in Italy” Silvina Spravkin, (2012) Statuary marble

With this sequence of sculptures I address the issue of what  “Made in Italy” means, in a time when so much that is sold in Italy is now made in China.  It’s my attempt to re-qualify the beauty of Italian craftsmanship in the face of the global economy.

I live and work in Pietrasanta, Italy, a city renowned the world-over for its “artigiani” – the craftsmen who work in the marble studios and bronze foundries. Even this centuries-long tradition of artistic craftsmanship is coming under fire from competition fro the emerging economies.

“100% Made in Italy” is shown at Teresa Nachman’s Hoy en el Arte Galeria, in Buenos Aires.
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Silvina Spravkin, is an Argentinian sculptor who makes her art in mosaic, marble and other medias in Pietrasanta, Italy.