“Il gusto di essere” Silvina Spravkin’s sculpture for “In una parola” the mini-exhibition at Quarantuno Trattoria in Pietrasanta


“Il gusto di essere,” Silvina Spravkin (2013) Mixed media, clay and bronze.

I am represented amongst forty-one artists who each show a piece in a same-sized box, as part of the mini-exhibition “In una parola” at the Quarantuno Trattoria in Pietrasanta. My sculpture is titled “Il gusto di essere” (the flavor of being) and it speaks to the fact that the mouth we open to talk with, is the same mouth we open to eat with. The exhibition, which features artwork about language coincided with the third edition of Pietrasanta’s successful literary book festival “Anteprime,” which took place over the weekend of June 7 – 9, and is produced by La Polveriera Studio in Pietrasanta.

“In una parola”
From the 6th of June, 2013 until the 28th of September, 2013
Quarantuno Trattoria
Via Stagio Stagi 41,
55045 Pietrasanta, Italy
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Silvina Spravkin, is an Argentinian sculptor who makes her art in mosaic, marble and other medias in Pietrasanta, Italy.