Silvina Spravkin | Monumento a Astor Piazzolla | Posa della Prima Pietra, Venerdi 19 Settembre, 2014


The laying of the foundation-stone for Lucca’s monument to Astor Piazzolla will take place this Saturday, the 19th of September, 2014 at 6:30pm, in Porta San Pietro in Lucca.

The sculpture, in marble and inlayed mosaic, will be unveiled next year.

The evening program features talks by the project sponsors; the Argentine Ambassador will be present. The Choral group “Cantiere,” under the direction of Claudia Zimmermann. will perform – the soloists are: Roberto Pugliese, guitar, Simone Maini, bandoneon. Jorge Ramirez and Elena Gardelli are the featured dancers.

After the ceremonies the evening continues at the Caffè delle Mura for an evening of “Milonga” dancing.

You are all invited!

Monumento a Astor Piazzolla
Posa della Prima Pietra
Da Lucca – Garfagnana all’Argentina
Storia di emigrazione e musica
Venerdì, 19 settembre 2014
Ore: 18:30
Porta San Pietro

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